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The skills to envision an inclusive world.

The tools to create it.

Blending courses from across campus, we put the voices and lives of people with disabilities front and center. We study all kinds of bodymind variations, whether visible or invisible. While housed in the English Department, the minor is open to all UO majors and enfolds fields across the social sciences, arts, humanities, and professions. Many of our courses also count for General Education requirements. You’ll gain direct contact with disability communities through innovative fieldwork options.



New Core Course, Spring 2019

ENG 240:  Introduction to Disability Studies

Mon & Wed, 10:00-11:20 #36203

Fulfills Arts and Letters and Multicultural Requirement/IP

Learn about the history and representation of disability in American culture. Explore exciting new films, novels, poetry, memoirs, and plays. Final project has a creative nonfiction/memoir option.